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E-commerce: Online business for Sustainable Economy

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   ३० भाद्र २०७८, बुधबार

Swoyambhu R. Tuladhar (Handicrafts Exporter)

People like to save their time because they are busy. They don’t necessarily want to spend their valuable time unless it is absolutely necessary. So there is no time for shopping, even if they have a need. It has been a common practices that people likes to shop from home through ONLINE SHOPPING.

There are 100s of thousands of ONLINE SHOPs in the world. Online shopping has became important life style for Americans and Chinese and many more to buy their need through the net. There are million online stores in US alone? Not to talk about other countries, it is already popular in Indian. Online shops are enjoying from the people having no time for physical shopping.

Naming the few very popular ONLINE SHOPs are :






Google Shopping Search



……   many more.

Their popularity and success judges by their service, the product innovation and attractive price.



WE HAVE A  OFFICIAL ANNUAL EXPORT & IMPORT DATA  ratio  approx :     1 : 12.3

We are EXPORTing  $ 1.00  and

We are IMPORTing $ 12.30

Why is this happening, probably no body is concern? Question is, do we have enough foreign currency (FC) earnings to meet our FC requirement? This is the big question and I think not many seems to be worried about this situation?

Currently our required FC is being sustained maximum by REMMITTANCE alone (Our HARD EARNED CURRENCIES) that are sent by our out bound young CITIZENS, sweating their BLOOD for their earnings and sending them to Nepal for our livelihood.

In my view, ONLINE BUSINESS (Online Shops) for Nepalese Handicrafts  can support in this big pit hole of alarming TRADE DEFICIT to greater extent.

So far, I have not seen any serious worries shown by our government for this

unimaginable, imbalance, incompatible, mismatched, irreconcilable trade deficit situation between export and import trade of our country. We are going against the commercial law and economic arithmetic. God forbid, our country don’t need to face any uncontrollable situation that generates by this disastrous trade pit hole? I have a hope, E- commerce, Online Business could help to fill some part of the hole?

Online buying from a ONLINE SHOP is a simple system, go to the Website, find the Online Shop and Tap the Items you need and Pay for the goods by the allowed payment systems.

People can buy NEEDLE to CAR from online store.

Here I am talking ONLINE BUSINESS for smaller HANDICRAFTS ITEMS for our country. We want to open ONLINE SHOPS in Nepal for EXPORT MARKET for smaller handicrafts, small weight items to reach the consumers all around the world.

My sincere appeal to GoN that Nepal now should tap those group of people who want to shop their need through ONLINE from their bedroom. This is the reason that I am putting forward with my request wherever whenever is possible to the honorable dignitaries I meet from Government of Nepal time to time.  


The  E- commerce (Online business) through ONLINE SHOPS demands a system which allows to ship smaller items as small as up to 5 gms.

So we require a systems for shipping out smaller items as small as up to 5 gms.

Such a smaller items when suitably packed to ship out, becomes maximum of 25 – 30 gms. parcel. So our systems should allow such a small parcel containing commercial items of that size to ship out without any difficulties. Shipper will pay the suitable shipping cost set by  GoN.

  • It is not only sending out the goods, GoN should also manage to establish a Payment Receiving System (Payment receiving Gateway) as well to receive a smaller amount in advance in the shipper’s bank account even up to US$ 5.00 – 10 for goods to be shipped on ONLINE REQUEST without any bank charges (if possible). There are few such payment gateways used in the world are called  :
  • 1. PayPal
  • 2. Google Checkout
  • 3. Amazon Payments
  • 4. Dwolla
  • 5. Stripe
  • 6. Braintree
  • 7. WePay
  • …………….. many more.

If E-commerce system can be established by GoN , we can expect to have multiple thousands of parcels going out from Nepal on daily basis, straight to the consumers. This will directly benefit the online shops who now are selling their products for $ 1.00 will be able to sell for $ 1.25 – $1.50.

Currently, Nepalese goods sold internationally are sold in their consumer markets for at lease 4 times their purchase price. We sell it for $1.00, sold there for at least US$4.00.

The important fact, we need to understand that the  buying end would like to know, if the Online Stores from Nepal are a genuine, trustworthy and authentic ones? So to be able to give confident to the Online Buyers, Online Store need to give information like “Authorized and Quality assured by Government of Nepal” (with GoN Logo) in their individual websites (Online vendors should get this permission from GoN). They also should write in their web page “if any genuine complain write to this email ID (belongs to GoN) and CC to the shipper at  :  ……………[email protected]………..np (such complains may require a attention from our government whichever way it is possible). These information’s must appear at the beginning of Online Vendor’s  webpage. This will give Fearless Situation at the buying end.


Few more points for suggestion.

GoN need to activate Nepal Postal Service to be able to combat this new venture. We have a immense infra structure in Nepal Postal Service. Which are not much in use at this point in time (this is my personal belief).

As we all understand, we can send a postal parcel of 5 gms weight as a Letter to any part of the world. So, GoN should open up a similar service called

“Registered Commercial Postal Parcel Service” at least in three districts to start with,

Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur to begin the ONLINE BUSINESS for export.  

Insurance : Every such parcel should be insured by default at customs point on the declared value in a very minimum premium charges. This should be born  by the shipper and pay together with the suitable postal charges set by the GoN.   

Let every insurance companies be responsible to give service

to such a small vendors of Nepal as their CSR program, if possilbe.

I appeal to GoN to come up with this system.

It will be a new venture for Nepalese Business Community at large as a gift of GoN, that will bring the changes in commercial face of Nepal.

It is very possible, GoN may need to form a team to understand this system how it is  working in other countries.

This systems can be learned from China, Hong Kong and India.



प्रकाशित : ३० भाद्र २०७८, बुधबार

सूचना विभाग दर्ता नं.



Kupondole -10 Lalitpur Nepal
[email protected]

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